Spiritual Well-Being

Spiritual well-being is achieved when we are at peace with ourselves. That may come from meditation, prayer, religious services, music, art, or communing with God in nature or with others. However you find meaning, comfort, hope and peace really doesn’t matter so long as you take time in your daily schedule to devote attention to your core values and beliefs as well as your relations with others.

The connection between mind, body and spirit is a strong one. When they are in harmony, recovery from injury, healing from illness and coping skills can be enhanced. Spiritual well-being brings alignment of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Inner peace can reduce stress, worry and doubt, which can have adverse affects on spiritual well-being.

Mindfulness is making an intentional step to observe, reflect and be aware of how we interact in the world around us. It is a manner of living “in the moment.” Some techniques for mindfulness that enhance our spiritual well-being include focusing on the present instead of the past, acceptance of adverse situations, giving yourself permission to let go of past problems, and being aware of how you interact with other people.

When we are fully present, we can enjoy more, experience life at a higher level, and give back in ways that are beneficial to ourselves and to others.