Financial Management

This is a challenging topic because most people 50+ were not anticipating that 30 years would be added to thier longevity from beginning to end of the 20th century. The best advice for those who have not already done so is to consult with a financial advisor who is well recommended and has a proven record of performance in advising people 50+ on their financial planning. There are, of course, a variety of considerations:

  1. Whether to remain in your home or move to a smaller one when your offspring have grown and developed their own life plans.
  2. If the decision is to move from your family home, whether to stay in the same city in a smaller home or move to a city with a lower cost of living (including lower taxes) can be an important consideration.
  3. Whether to move to a city in a lower-cost country, like San Miguel Allende in Mexico or Montevideo in Uruguay, with easy travel to visit family and friends or vice versa and reduce expenses. 
  4. For people 50+ who are interested in continuing their education, whether there are colleges or universities in the area with courses or programs they can attend, and the cost.
  5. Whether there is a nearby airport with good airline schedules for you to visit family/friends/other travel and for family/friends to visit you and the travel costs.
  6. What are the quality and costs of doctors and medical facilities, and whether you can retain your present medical coverage.
  7. What are the quality and costs of the local shopping, local transportation, interesting places to visit, and range of social activities.

These are only some of the issues people 50+ should consider in making a move, and there are excellent books that provide counsel and guidance on the subject.

Financial advisors can review viable options for your future and how best to leverage your investments and assets so you can enjoy life instead of worrying about money. We recommend developing a financial plan that will support the activities you have planned or would like to plan and that is reviewed periodically.

Advisors can also assist with evaluating retirement communities, reverse mortgages, annuities, special discount deals, pension payouts, and moving from private to government-funded financial sources. These are all items to consider now so you can become or remain financially secure.

It is also important that you don’t fall prey to the many scams that target older adults. These ploys are crafty and can play to your emotional heartstrings. Be careful of organizations asking for credit card numbers, Social Security information and other personal data.