Social Connection

Our need to be socially connected is a natural extension of our being. This desire to connect with others can bring great satisfaction and add years to your life. Studies have shown that social connection can lead to a 50% increased chance of greater longevity. Other health benefits include lower levels of anxiety, depression avoidance, and a stronger immune system.

Social connection provides a sense of belonging and closeness with others. This doesn’t mean that you have to have many friends; actually, it can only take a few to maintain connectedness. This ability to share, support and give to others provides people an emotional sense of purpose and well-being. Connectedness evolves from the quality, not quantity, of connections one has with family and friends as well as developing new relationships.

Pets can have a big impact on our overall health. These furry friends can be trusted and valued companions. They can calm your nerves, reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure from as simple a gesture as a pat on the head, a snuggle during TV time, or a welcome-home greeting at the door. They can also increase your activity and encourage interaction with others.

ELO50 is committed to creating opportunities for people 50+ to achieve fulfilling social connections and to appeal to their intellectual curiosity. Our local Chapters will provide a forum to learn about topics of interest, participate in lively discussions, and network with others who are navigating this new phase of life. You will have time to challenge yourself intellectually, socially and even emotionally as activities will include day hikes, museum visits, social events, travel to interesting places like a safari in Africa. The opportunities are really endless.