Active Engagement

This is where active aging begins, the place where you make a conscious decision to continue to be active and engaged. This, the first of the Seven Pillars of Aging Successfully™, is the point where people 50+ decide whether to continue in activities that add value to their own lives and perhaps to the broader world. 

What is active aging? It has many different meanings depending on each person and their experience, abilities and interests. ELO50 believes active aging includes being engaged in a broad range of activities such as:

  • Continue working full-time/part-time/project based
  • Create new company
  • Community activities
  • Teach courses
  • Mentoring
  • Volunteering
  • Travel
  • Join special-interest groups
  • Games and puzzles
  • Theater
  • Walking and hiking
  • Swimming
  • Golfing/tennis

The list is endless. And that is the best part about aging successfully. There are many ways to bring fulfillment to your mind, body and spirit. In a 2014 national survey co-sponsored by Merrill Lynch of more than 7,000 workers 50 and older, a substantial majority stated that they wanted to continue working after retiring from their current jobs for the following reasons: keep their mental edge sharp, feel that they were continuing to add value and making a difference, and the desire to remain socially connected. Fourth on the list was to generate additional income. 

Our lifespan increased by 30 years from the beginning to end of the 20th century. There are many opportunities to continue having a full life beyond 50. The mission of ELO50 is to help people 50+ remain active, engaged and contributing long after retirement.