Seven Pillars of Aging Successfully

Active Engagement
This is the most important pillar for people 50+ to follow and is first for that reason. Developing a solid foundation for the future is desirable before you reach 50.
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Social Connection
This is closely aligned with the first and may stimulate people 50+ to improve their social skills. Building and maintaining connections are an important part of growing older.
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Exercise/Physical Fitness
These are two essentially-interrelated elements because you can't have one without the other. It is like the horse and buggy.
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Healthy Diet
This is a combination of eating the right foods and how much you eat. Some authorities suggest that you eat 80% of what is on your plate.
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Adequate Sleep
This is another essential element of aging successfully. Failure to do so can adversely impact all of the others.
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Financial Management
This should begin long before retirement, requiring substantial time and attention with expert guidance. It can facilitate maintaining your standard of living after retirement.
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Spiritual Well-Being
Whether you commune with God, Nature, do yoga or meditate, spirituality should be an important part of your life. It can ease the burden of growing older.
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Background for Icon on Aging Successfully

We developed the icon for aging successfully with the thought that there was a bridge to ancient Greece and the seven pillars that held up a Greek temple. The seven pillars in our story support the edifice that represents Aging Successfully and the importance of maintaining each of the pillars. Just as failure to repair one of the seven pillars could result in reduced stability or even collapse of the Greek temple, the failure to maintain one of our pillars could destabilize the structure of Aging Successfully or even shorten our time on earth.